Reviewer Guidelines

Readers for Uncoverings make their paper selection based on the following criteria:


Does the paper make a contribution to the field? Does it present new or little-known material based upon original research, or does it treat familiar material in an innovative, new, or stimulating manner? Will the paper have productive and lasting impact? Has the paper, or anything very similar, been published recently? Acceptable papers must be published first in Uncoverings.

Quality of Research:

Is the scholarship sound and thorough? Is the author's thesis valid, convincing, and supported by evidence? Are the author's citations appropriate, accurate, and complete? Is the author in command of both primary sources and standard secondary literature appropriate to the topic? Should the author have cited additional sources?


Is the paper well organized, clearly presented, and written in an interesting manner? Is the length within the specified range? Did the author follow the AQSG Manuscript Guidelines? Are the citations in the correct form? Is the paper written primarily in active rather than passive voice? Would the manuscript benefit from substantive rewriting or reorganization?