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Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their “over-and-above” gifts of Unrestricted support to AQSG in 2019 including Dime A Day and Annual Fund Drive donations

Mary L. Abbott

Judy Alender

Amazon Smile Foundation

Jimmie Jane Amelon

Virginia B. Anderson

Annapolis Quilt Guild


Joy Avery

Nancy C. Bavor

Joanna D. Baxter: in memory of Gloria Hall

Susan G. Bengtson: in memory of Joyce Gross

Virginia M. Berger

Berry Basket Quilters, Inc.

Shirley A. Bertolino: in memory of Charlotte Ekback & Sarah Beth Tennison

Beverly H. Birkmire

Sheila Bishop

Carol J. Born

Jean L. Brew: in honor of Sunbonnet Sue and Helene Erickson

Kay L. Butler

Joanne G. Caroon

Hazel Carter

Susan B. Catanzarito

Cheryl L. Christian

Katy Conde

Dawn Cook-Ronningen

Maureen Craig: in memory of Carol Conklin

Kathleen Metelica Cray: in memory of my Mom, Katherine Mastaler Metelica

Katherine C. Crerar

Susan Curtis

Deb J. Dahab

Susan Day: in memory of Gwen Marsten

Peggy J. Derrick

Karen Dever

Irene P. Dietlin: in memory of Frances Abell Brand

Beverly A. Dunivent

Judy H. Elsley

Charlotte Enfield

Enquire Research

Lisa Erlandson

Jodi K. Evans

Beverley Evans

Taryn Faulkner

Frances K. Fitz-Kennedy

Joan Flanigan-Clarke

Bernice M. Foster: in memory of Don Beld

Susan T. Franklin Ph. D: in honor of Evelyn and Carl Tesch

Anne M. Friedland

Kim Froedge

Elaine S. Fugate

Carol Williams Gebel: in honor of Chris E. Gebel

Flavin Glover

Maggi M. Gordon

Shona M. Halberstadt

Marcia L. Hampton

Julianne Hardy

Stephanie W. Hatch

Eileen Hayes

Dawn Heefner: in honor of Julie Silber

Teresa Heinze: in memory of Jackie Ries

Marie-Louise Heller: in honor and memory of Sally Garoutte

Patricia T. Herr

Ellen Horn

Laurel Horton: in memory of Sally Garoutte and Lucy Hilty

Linda J. Hunter

Ann Hutchinson

Mary Anne Kemper

Colleen A. Kerstein

Alice Kinsler

Star Ann Kloberdanz

Amy O. Korn

Claire M. Kropschot

Jessica LaMar

Kay L. Lee

Jone Lewis

Dawn Licker

Margaret M. Logan

Anita B. Loscalzo: in memory of Lynda Salter Chenoweth

Patricia L. Lyons

Susan Macy: in honor of the Genealogy Task Force @ IQSCM

Michelle Marciniak

H. Glynn Marsh

Carolyn Maruggi

Beth L. McCasland

Rosemary McGuinness

Margaret A. McKenzie: in honor of Hazel Carter

Polly Mello

Barbara A. Menasian: in honor of "Quiltmaker unknown"

Rachel Miller

Cathy E. Miller

Peggy Morton

Lizabeth S. Mullens: in memory of Hope Pearson Self

Sandra G. Munsey

Janet Myers

Orange Grove Quilters Guild: in memory of Nancy Post

Orange Grove Quilters Guild: in memory of Susan Crocker

 Pajaro Valley Quilt Association

JoAnn M. Parker: in honor of my dear sister Joy Swartz

Virginia Pascall

Kelli Pedas

Susie C. Pfau

Lahala J. Phelps: in memory of Phyllis Myers

Ann Pietropinto: in memory of Marie Mosso

Judith A. Proksa

Beverly S. Proulx: in memory of Susan McDougal

Quilters Unlimited, Burke Chapter

Nancy Raley

Bets Ramsey: in memory of Sally Garoutte

Cecilia M. Reid: in honor of Patricia Reid

Patricia D. Rennau: in memory of Carol Wheelock

Cindy Rennels: in memory of Jean S. Lyle

Elsie A. Ridgley

Marilyn E. Riehl

 Robert & Ardis James Foundation: in memory of Ardis B. James

Jan T. Rodgers

Becky Rogers

Linda D. Rogers

Judith A. Ryder: in memory of Mary Rose Hopkins

Susan Salser: in honor of Mary Gasperik

Sara L. Schamerloh

Susan Schreurs

Vicki M. Sestini: in memory of Elizabeth (Betty) Sestini

Nancy S. Shrout: in honor of Nancy Losee

Elly Sienkiewicz: in honor of Sue Harman

Paula Snell

Marty A. Sozansky

Lauren W. Spaulding

Marilyn Barrett Spiegel

Mary Jo Spina

Diane M. Steele

Pam Knight Stevenson

Dorothy N. Stish: in memory of Helen Kelly

Jean Stokes

Judith Stoll

Lorie H. Stubbs

Joy Swartz

James Thompson

Gail Van Horsen

Darnyl Vermeire

Merikay Waldvogel

Rose Marie Werner: in memory of Shirley McElderry

Elizabeth J. Wilson: in memory of Jerry Cross

Dolly Wodin

Geri Wolf: in memory of Melanie Normann

Stefanie Woolverton: in memory of Stanford P. Singer, husband to Lenna DeMarco