About Us

The American Quilt Study Group is a non-profit quilt research organization with members in the U.S. and abroad. We welcome all persons interested in the history of quiltmaking. Members of the American Quilt Study Group participate in the effort to preserve quilt heritage through our various publications, extensive research library, yearly seminar and membership contacts. Membership is comprised of traditional and contemporary quilt artists, quilt lovers, historians, researchers, collectors, dealers, folklorists, authors, museum curators, quilt appraisers, and students of women's studies.


The American Quilt Study Group office in Lincoln, NE

General business is conducted through the AQSG office in Lincoln, Nebraska.

American Quilt Study Group
1610 L Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-2509
Phone/Fax: (402) 477-1181
Email: aqsg2@americanquiltstudygroup.org


American Quilt Study Group is an independent membership organization recognized as a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. Membership dues, Seminar fees, charitable donations, and publication sales fund the corporation.

AQSG Board of Directors

Every year, members elect Directors to three-year terms on the Board of AQSG. Directors volunteer their service in managing the business and affairs of the non-profit corporation. Any member is eligible to stand for election to the board. Eligibility requires one full year membership prior to nomination. Directors come from a broad range of interests and occupations related to quilts and textiles.

  • Lenna DeMarco, President, Arizona
  • Karen Dever, First Vice President, New Jersey
  • Lynda Salter Chenoweth, Second Vice President, California
  • Sharon Pinka, Secretary, Ohio
  • Carol Born, Treasurer, Colorado
  • Kim Baird, North Dakota
  • Dana Balsamo, New Jersey
  • Jodi Evans, Iowa
  • Abbie Griffin, Utah
  • Alice Kinsler, California
  • Marybeth Stalp, Iowa
  • Jayne Steffens, Wisconsin
  • Sharon Waddell, New York

Publication Editors

  • Lynne Bassett, Editor, Uncoverings
  • Jill Wilson, Editor, Blanket Statements
  • Lisa Erlandson, Editor, Quilt Study Books

Office Staff

  • Judy J. Brott Buss, Ph.D., Executive Director
  • Anne E. Schuff, Member Services Coordinator