Cape Fear Star

Cape Fear Star

Permission to replicate the original quilt is courtesy of Cape Fear Museum, Wilmington, NC. Terri Hudgins, Registrar. No maker’s name, no provenance from accession file.

The visual impact of this quilt caught me by surprise. I knew that I wanted this to be my study quilt. Would I be able to reduce the original 101 x 102.5” size to fit the parameters of the study challenge? Would I be able to find just the right reproduction fabrics?

I used Block Base #3735a templates for the 2.5” and 8.0” diamond blocks. Julia Zgliniec gave me the chintz-style fabric. The blue, green and red fabrics were purchased from Reproduction Fabric and the other fabrics were from my own stash. My husband cut ¼”acrylic for the large templates, small diamond templates are card stock covered with thin acrylic. Constructed by machine and hand piecing and hand quilted.

All those set-in seams nearly defeated me. I constructed deconstructed and reconstructed until the stars were as square as I could manage. At one point, I gave serious consideration to turning the quilt into potholders. Determination carried me onward to completion.

To the amazing unknown quilt maker– this is your quilt! Enjoy.