Flower Basket

Flower Basket

I like the wonderful soft pastel fabrics from the Colonial Revival Era. The quilt I originally chose was an Ann Orr-like design with one inch squares forming the design. On a closer look, I discovered that a one inch grid had been quilted on the whole top. Then every single one inch square was appliquéd to make the design! It was an easy choice to pick a hexagon quilt with one inch hexagons.

The original quilt had 32 baskets. So I decided to make a smaller piece. I wanted something that I could piece when I traveled. One difference between the quilts was to use prints rather than the solids. I wanted to use fabrics that matched the original quilt. Finding just the right colors was a challenge, even with wonderful reproduction fabrics. I purchased many more yards of fabrics then I needed.

I have a great appreciation for the quilters who use quarter inch hexagons! My fingers would ache if I basted for several hours. It would have been so boring making the hundreds of white hexagons. I varied the white on white hexagons for more variety.

The monotony of basting the fabric over papers, then whip stitching the hexagon together is an activity that leads to meditation. For me doing the five baskets was enough.

I often procrastinate. It was true with this project. So when January 2012 rolled around it became clear that Ann Orr design would never be completed, even in miniature. I decided to quilt my piece like the original. Only the top of the hexagons were quilted and horizontal quilting goes very fast.