1800s Lollypop Basket

By: Cindy Hart Crowell
Seal Beach, California

1800s Lollypop Basket

Happy was how I felt when I first saw this quilt. It made me smile! The colors, unique design, and setting appealed to me. The quilt was purchased on ebay. The dealer wrote that the quilt is an heirloom from the Edward Family of Leesville, North Carolina. The appraiser noted that the dense quilting and style of quilt indicate North Carolina provenance with an approximate date of 1880-1890. The appraiser also stated it was most likely a wedding quilt, as everyday ones would not be as elaborate or as closely quilted.

I drafted my pattern from the original quilt. The blocks are 55% smaller than the original. The fabric is 100% cotton. The appliqué is done by hand using traditional needle-turn methods. The quilting is by hand with wool batting and 100% cotton thread.

In Barbara Brackman’s book, Clues in the Calico, she writes about synthetic greens from the era being fugitive. The green takes on a distinct brownish cast caused by exposure to light and washing. Red, white, and tan appliqué quilts are common during this era. The antique inspiration quilt shows traces of green in the seam allowances. The tan has faded unevenly. I chose to use the tan color as the quilt appears today. The quilt also appears to have been cut down from its original size possibly due to damage. There are areas of color bleeding due to some type of liquid. The outside edges of the quilt are finished by rolling the front to the back and hand stitching it down. I chose to use traditional binding since I feel the quilt was cut down.

I want to thank Sandy Sutton for allowing me to study and reproduce her quilt. I also want to thank her for all of her quilting inspiration, knowledge, and friendship.