Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip

Although I have participated in every quilt study proposed by AQSG, this time I felt I had enough on my plate without making a special quilt for the Colonial Revival study. Then, at the end of April 2012, a quilt study committee member asked why I wasn’t participating, and guilt set in.

I have always liked ‘Trip Around the World’ quilts but had never attempted one, preferring to buy rather than build. But with the short time remaining to me, a small version seemed possible. So I was inspired by expedience and guilt. My Featherweight and I struggled through the construction, building and attaching sets of four color coordinated fabrics, one after another. The original had 2″squares; in order to conform to the study’s size limits; I opted for 1″ pieces (finished). I quickly realized that I could never make this pattern in my usual king size!

The original quilt maker quilted inside each of the squares in her quilt, avoiding the problems presented by the hundreds of seams and intersections. My squares were too small for that approach, so I decided to divide them on the diagonal. Shortly after I began that process I realized that the result would be a ½” grid over the entire surface and a confrontation with every intersection. There’s a saying, “Well begun is half done.” Don’t you believe it!

Whoever she was, my original quilt maker struggled with the inside/outside corners presented by the natural edges on her quilt, and her binding is less than satisfactory.

At least that was a problem I could anticipate, so as I quilted, I mentally devised a way to achieve a more effective finished edge. In my own mind the process seemed flawless; possibly my result mirrors hers!

PS – The fabric in the outer row of squares, the binding, and the sleeve was designed by AQSG member Julia Zgliniec, whose imprint is on the exposed selvage of the sleeve.