I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

I love star quilts, especially those from the early nineteenth century. But finding the right inspiration for my quilt was not an easy task. Nothing I saw in books or web sites fit with my ideas.

I decided that instead of just recreating a quilt which already existed, I would take elements from early star quilts and put them into my own design. I found my inspiration in a c. 1840s star quilt fragment that had only one ombre block and part of an alternate block.

I coupled the resized block with my favorite elements from early quilts such as chintz fabrics, ombre prints, blue resists, turkey reds, dress prints, toiles, serpentines, printed plaids, timeless green checks, and my favorite of all elements – the center medallion layout.

I used some of my favorite reproductions as well as a few pieces of antique fabric. Can you find them? There are three. Using a fragment as my inspiration allowed me to include those elements that I felt best represented a c. 1840s star quilt.

Since I cannot know what my inspiration quilt would have looked like; I can only imagine and create my own.