Love Birds

By: Lorna Cordrey
Orange, California

This unusually formatted redwork quilt caught my attention because while I have been a piecer and appliquér for many years, in the last five years have been doing many forms of embroidery.

I discovered my inspiration quilt on ebay and was charmed by the quilt’s uniqueness. Bidding vigorously because I loved the designs of birds, strawberries, grapes, and vines. The hand quilting has many patterns including circles, teardrops, oak and maple leaves, hearts, hanging diamonds, and many other original designs. As I embroidered my study quilt, I could imagine the creator of the inspiration quilt in her dining area drafting her top, marking it lightly in pencil, so she could spend many hours stitching. Most of the quilting is double lined and cross-hatched.

The condition of the original quilt was described as “unused, unlaundered, clean and strong, and sturdy overall.” The measurements are 74 x 82 inches. As I laid out my inspiration quilt to study it, I was fascinated by its simplicity and the design of the quilting, which enhances the embroidery. Working on my 42 x 46 inch recreation quilt, I redesigned parts to enhance the love bird theme. I loved the strawberries and cherries, but eliminated the grapes. I tried to maintain a balance of embroidery work to keep the quilt open and light to work on. This project has been a delight to work on and has encouraged me to study other embroidery and quilting designs.