Modern Feathers

By: Cathy Erickson
Washougal, Washington

This quilt is part of my series, Baltimore Goes Modern. My goal was to take a block found on antique Baltimore Album quilts and make a Modern quilt using that same block. Most of the fabrics used in Baltimore Album quilts are prints. The usage of some popular Baltimore Album quilt blocks continued long after the Baltimore Album quilt time frame ended. However, they were often made with solid red and green fabric. Multiple squares of the same block were repeated as well. My inspiration quilt is a fragment of such a quilt. Unfortunately the original fabrics have discolored due to being washed and aging. The green dyes during the nineteenth-century were not always stable.

To modernize the feather block, I used the asymmetric layout of the fragment. I also used Modern colors such as grey, turquoise, lime green, and white. Graphic quilting also adds to the Modern feel.