Patriotic Shield

By: Joanne Florence
Mission Viego, California

This quilt is representative of Patriotic quilts made during World War I. The original inspiration quilt was made in 1917 by the mother of a World War I soldier, while he was serving on the battlefront. It is well worn, and probably well loved. Sue Reich published a picture of the soldier’s quilt, now owned by Sandy Sutton, in the book World War I Quilts in 2014.

I closely followed the design of the original quilt, allowing for the fading of the red stripes, making mine a darker red. The original was hand quilted in the Baptist Fan design. Mine is also done in the Baptist Fan, but quilted by machine.

I have wanted to participate in the AQSG Quilt Study for a long time. Reproducing this striking quilt at 50% of the original size was a perfect opportunity.

During my research, I discovered a very similar quilt in style and colors, made in 1861. It was called The Secession Quilt, as Arkansas became the ninth state to secede from the Union. It has nine stars in each corner in a circular pattern, over red and white stripes. It can be seen in American Quilts by Robert Shaw (2009).