Squares in a Star

By: Donna Starley
Fillmore, Utah

I LOVE Amish quilts. I started collecting pictures of Amish quilts while in high school. Now forty years later, I get to collect the real thing! My inspiration quilt was once part of the Esprit Amish Quilt Collection. I am thrilled that it is now part of my personal quilt collection. It was an easy choice to reproduce this quilt with its array of solid colors Square in a Square Star blocks.

Initially, I wanted to replicate a portion of the inspiration quilt. As I started the process of selecting fabrics, I soon became acutely aware that due to myriad circumstances related to time, age, and yes, even laundering, the original colors had faded and were lost. It seemed to be a futile and vain attempt to make a duplicate. It was going to be impossible to match colors once used in the original quilt, because I was not certain if and how much each of the colors had changed. I did NOT want to create a cheap counterfeit copy of this amazing quilt.

Back to the design board, I changed my focus from a ‘picture perfect’ copy to a representation that was intended to catch the charm, spark, and joy of the quilt. As I dissected the blocks, I discovered that although the fabrics in the backgrounds, Star points, and Square in a Square centers all appear to be random, each block within the quilt did have a common ‘thread’ or pattern. Hidden in the middle of each and every ‘square in a square’ block was a grey colored square encased in a black square. This simple grey square and black square repeat is what stabilizes and ties the blocks together! What a great discovery! I hope I have captured the charm and spark of the quilt. Creating it gave me joy!