Information for
Seminar Study Center Leaders

Study Center Leaders receive an honorarium of $200 (maximum of $400 total for multiple leaders) no later than 30 days following Seminar.  Study Center leaders are expected to register and participate in Seminar; they do not have to be members of AQSG.

Study Centers should be approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes in length. Please do not go over two hours as it can affect other events.

Study Center presentations can include PowerPoint presentation, quilt turning, lecture, hand-on experience, etc. Physical examples of fabrics/quilts and handouts of the presentation are very much appreciated by attendees.

The number of Study Center participants is usually between 20-40 people. You will be given a list of participants prior to Seminar; if there are open spaces we will continue to accept registrations up until the Study Center starts. If your topic is popular, you may be asked if you can present a second session; you will be paid an additional $200 for a second session.  If you don’t get the minimum of 20 people registered your Study Center might be cancelled.

Reasonable supplies, shipping costs, handouts, or other items for the presentation of the study center are reimbursable with receipts.  Up to $250.00 of allowable expenses may be submitted for reimbursement using the form provided.  Please note the deadline for submitting expenses on the form.  Allowable expenses do not include Seminar registration or travel.  If you have a question as to whether an expense is authorized, please contact the AQSG office.

Please identify how your room should be set up to support your presentation.  The coordination with the hotel and scheduling of rooms is done prior to Seminar so it is difficult to make changes at the last minute.  We will do our best to support all reasonable requests given the room dimensions and hotel equipment.

Study Center leaders should bring their own computer and know how to use it if they are doing a computer presentation. Other presentation support can be provided (screen, projector, tables for quilts, microphone, etc.). Please let us know what support you need no later than when you return your contract.

AQSG will assign a person to take roll, pass out and collect evaluations, and introduce you; you may also choose to introduce yourself. Please indicate your preference on your proposal. If you need an assistant to help you with the presentation/quilts, you should arrange for that person yourself. 

Presenters will receive feedback about their presentation as soon as the comment sheets are compiled after Seminar.

Room Set-up Options

Theater: Speaker at the front; rows of chairs for participants; no tables (except for the presenter if requested).

Classroom: Speaker at the front; rows of chairs and tables for participants.

U-Shaped: Speaker at the front; large display table with chairs for participants on 3 sides.

Arena: Large, center display table with chairs for participants on 4 sides.


  • As soon as possible but no later than December 15th email your proposal to Sharon Waddell and the AQSG Office.
  • You will receive notice (email) in January if your proposal has been accepted; a contract will follow. You will also be asked to identify any AV requirements you need.
  • Shortly before Seminar you will get a list or number of attendees so you can plan any samples or handouts; bring extras in case more people are added.
  • You will have access to your Study Center room approximately an hour prior to the start of your session.
  • Please submit your receipts and request for reimbursement at Seminar or within 1 week after. You will receive a check for your sessions and reimbursable expenses.
  • Please consider submitting a short article on your Study Center for the Seminar edition of Blanket Statements for those who were unable to attend.

Please email any questions to Sharon Waddell, and the AQSG Office