The AQSG Research and Publication Mentoring Program is a service provided to researchers preparing papers based on original research for oral presentation and publication in AQSG’s research journal Uncoverings, or for submission to its quarterly newsletter Blanket Statements. The purpose is to match AQSG members conducting research projects, preparing research papers for publication, or preparing oral presentations, with members who have expertise in the researcher’s field of inquiry, in publishing research work, and/or in giving oral presentations.

The mentorship program is voluntary and designed to provide information, support, and encouragement. AQSG members with excellent presentation skills or expertise in the fields of quilt history, textile history, and related disciplines are encouraged to volunteer their time to the mentoring program.

A researcher wishing to be mentored contacts the committee chair and provides a general statement of the research project and the help being sought. A potential mentor is asked by the committee chair to assist a given researcher. The chair gives the potential mentor a description of the research work, a general outline of the researcher’s paper (if the topic has been developed to that point), and the researcher’s description of the assistance sought. Potential mentors have a chance to consider this information before agreeing to serve as a mentor for a particular researcher.

Mentors and researchers meet initially by email, by phone, or in person to discuss on-going or completed research and time-frame expectations, and to agree upon the amount of involvement of each in the mentoring process. Responsibility for the initial contact rests with the researcher, as does any cost incurred to establish contact or transmit research work on paper or electronically to a mentor.

Mentors advise the researcher on the conduct of their research and may evaluate drafts of the researcher’s paper and offer suggestions regarding content, style, and possible further areas for research and analysis, if asked to do so. Mentors to those preparing oral presentations work with the researcher to determine the type and extent of assistance needed.

Mentors serve as sounding boards and guides. They are not editors of written or spoken material, nor are they expected to advise on the technical aspects of publishing. Please refer to the Uncoverings Manuscript Guidelines found in the “Submit to Uncoverings” section of the website for questions of copyright, photograph reproduction, and other technical matters related to publications.

An individual may act as a mentor and submit a paper in the same year. Mentors must disclose their intent to submit to the researchers they are mentoring. Further, AQSG members who have been asked simultaneously to be mentors and members of the paper selection committee may choose to decline either position (or not). The perception of conflict of interest is to be avoided at all cost.

The current Research and Publication Mentoring Committee Chair is Kathy Moore. She can be reached by email at