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The Research Papers of the American Quilt Study Group

Since 1980, Uncoverings has been the foremost authority in quilt research. This interdisciplinary volume represents AQSG's mission: to build an accurate, well-respected body of quilt-related research. Uncoverings is the foundation of most quilt research being published today. Be a part of this unique, highly respected publication.

If your paper is selected, you will be invited to make a presentation of your research at an AQSG Seminar.  This is a unique opportunity to share your work with others who are passionate about quilts and to participate in a weekend conference devoted to the study of quilts.

How to Submit to Uncoverings

To submit a manuscript for publication in Uncoverings, please review our Manuscript Guidelines page. You may also want to look over the Guidelines for Reviewers to see what the Paper Review Committee looks for in an Uncoverings essay. We also have PDF versions of the same pages. (PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe for a free downolad).

AQSG Mentoring Program

The mentoring program is voluntary and designed to provide information, support, and encouragement to those preparing submissions for Uncoverings. The Mentoring Committee chair attempts to match researchers with other AQSG members sharing the same interests, or who have expertise in the researcher's field of inquiry. Mentoring is usually offered when the researcher has finished the research and has at least a rough draft of the paper to share. Mentoring has no effect on the paper submission process, and should not be seen as an "inside track" to acceptance and publication. It is intended only to provide knowledgeable support and encouragement. Only the mentoring committee chair is aware of matches between mentors and researchers.

For complete information on becoming a mentor or finding a mentor, visit AQSG Mentoring or contact our current Mentoring Committee Chair Sharon Pinka at (419) 938-8040 or

The American Quilt Study Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, presenting, and preserving research on quilts, quiltmaking, and related textiles. Through our annual Seminar, publications, research library, and outreach activities, AQSG is developing a reliable history of quiltmaking which fosters understanding, appreciation, and preservation of quilts as aesthetic objects and markers of our cultural heritage; provides insights into the lives and times of quiltmakers; builds networking within the quilting community; and connects quilters with their heritage and their place in creative art. We are traditional and contemporary quiltmakers and artists, researchers, authors, museum curators, students of women's history, folklorists, dealers, collectors, and quilt lovers of all kinds.