Criteria for the Selection Committee

The AQSG Quilt Study encourages AQSG members to select an inspiration quilt or quilt-related textile representing a particular theme or time period, to create a small study quilt based on that inspiration textile, and to provide a written statement regarding what they learned during the process. Participants may create an exact replica of the inspiration quilt, a quilt that reproduces a portion of the inspiration quilt or quilt-related textile, or create a quilt inspired by the inspiration quilt or quilt-related textile.

The Quilt Study is limited to 50 entries, of which a maximum of 25 are selected as a Traveling Exhibit scheduled to tour various venues for up to a four-year period. The selection of each study quilt for travel should be based on its contribution to a cohesive exhibit that will teach viewers about quilt study and about the specific quilt-making theme or period identified.

The Selection Committee is asked to consider the following for the traveling exhibit selection process:

  • Is the inspiration quilt or quilted-related textile clearly identifiable as from the selected study period using traditional methods of dating textiles?
  • Does the Written Statement include what was learned from the process of selecting, making, researching the study quilt?
  • Is the study quilt visually attractive?
  • Does the group of quilts selected reflect a cross-section of style that develops the theme or time period?
  • Does the group of quilts with their written statements serve to explain and promote quilt study?
  • Do quilts selected produce a well-rounded traveling exhibit that will attract visitors to the travel venues and AQSG?

Please mail all forms and images to the Quilt Study Committee either as an attachment in an email to or by USPS mail to:

Lee Ellsworth
5678 Meehl Rd.
North East, PA 16428

If you have questions, you may contact Lee Ellsworth at the above addresses or by phone 814-823-9354 or Jill Meszaros at 814-398-8719 or by emailing