Participation Requirements for 2021

American Quilt Study Group

2021 Quilt Study

Framed Center/Medallion Quilts: History of a Style

Participants are required to read all requirements below and it is highly suggested that you print these pages for future reference.

AQSG invites members to create a study quilt for the eleventh biennial AQSG Quilt Study. The focus of the 2021 Quilt Study (QS) will be “Framed Center/Medallion Quilts: History of a Style”.  The Quilt Study serves as a way to learn about our quilt heritage and to promote AQSG.

Please read the Participation Requirements and Application Steps and Timeline carefully.  In order to have your study quilt included in the exhibit at the 2021 AQSG Seminar, all requirements and deadline dates must be met. Also, see the Selection Criteria for the Traveling Exhibit; this document will be used to advise the 2021 selection committee.

  1. Participants will select a quilt or quilt-related textile, such as a quilt block or quilt top, dating from any time period in a framed center/medallion style, and create a small study quilt based on the historic quilt.  The quilt should be recognizable as being a framed center/medallion style with a central focus and one or more borders.  The historic quilt may be of any style of construction, for example, applique, embroidered, whole cloth, pieced framed quilts, palampores, printed panels with borders.  Participants will create a study quilt that may be an exact replica of the framed center/medallion quilt, a quilt that reproduces a portion of the historic quilt or textile, or a quilt inspired by the framed center/medallion quilt.  They will also write a brief description of the project and what they learned (Written Statement).
  2. The study quilt must be made specifically for the 2021 AQSG Quilt Study.  Projects started prior to the announcement of the 2021 Quilt Study will not be accepted.
  3. The Quilt Study is limited to a maximum of 50 participants.  The small study quilts and the participant statements will be exhibited at the AQSG 2021 Seminar.  A maximum of 25 study quilts will be selected for a traveling exhibit.
  4. Only AQSG members may participate on any individual or group project.  Only AQSG members may work on the quilt and this includes the quilting.  Each individual and/or group will be limited to submitting one quilt.
  5. The maximum dimensions of the small study quilt are 42 inches wide and 42 inches long.
  6. All submitted quilts must have a 4” sleeve attached, and label(s) with your name and assigned participant number.  The participant number label must be attached in the bottom right hand corner (as you are looking at the back of the quilt) on the back of the quilt.  Incomplete projects will not be accepted. All submitted quilts must be finished (e.g. quilted and edged) with the label attached.  (Participants may devise a separate label of their choosing with other information they wish to include.)
  7. Participants must not publicly circulate or post online their reproduction study quilt before quilts have been selected for the traveling exhibit at the 2021 Seminar.  Every effort is made to assure the selection panel does not have advance information about participant projects.
  8. Participants must submit all forms and documents; Participant Application and Release (Form 1), Owner Permission to Use Historic Quilt and its Image (Form 2), and their Written Statement; in accordance with all requirements and deadlines.  Forms and timelines are described below.
  9. A high resolution, publishable, digital image of the framed center/medallion quilt or quilt-related textile must be submitted. The image must be in a .jpg format and can be sent via e-mail or on a disk by regular mail.
  10. Completed Forms and images should be sent to the Quilt Study Committee as an attachment to an e-mail to or by USPS mail to:

Lee Ellsworth
5678 Meehl Rd.
North East, PA 16428

All Deadlines are based on mailing date.

If you have questions, you may contact Lee Ellsworth at the above addresses or by phone 814-823-9354 or Jill Meszaros at 814-398-8719 or by emailing