Quilt Study 2010

The biennial Quilt Studies have become a popular part of the American Quilt Study Group’s activities. Participation is a voluntary undertaking by AQSG members. Responding to a selected theme, a quilt is created which is copied from, or inspired by, an existing antique quilt. Each participant is asked to provide an image of their inspiration and write a statement about what was learned through the process of creating their own quilt.

The 2010 Quilt Study theme was 19th Century Stars. All inspiration quilts were required to be identifiable as a ‘Star Quilt’ regardless of the techniques used to make the original quilt. It was up to each participant to determine their own construction methods for their projects based upon information available about the original quilt. The Study Quilts were limited to a 200” perimeter.

Bethlehem Star

By: Nancy L. Losee
Williamsburg, Virginia

Ault Star

By: Karen Dever
Moorestown, New Jersey

Star Signature Quilt

By: Susan Price Miller
Louisville, Kentucky

Northern Lights

By: Didi Salvatierra
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Red & Green Stars

By: Joy Swartz
Prescott, Arizona

Fence Rail Star

By: Virginia Berger
Adel, Iowa

Pistachios, Cherries and Chocolate

By: Catherine Noll Litwinow
Bettendorf, Iowa

Silk Stars of the Bluegrass

By: Marti Phelps
Prince Frederick, Maryland

Touching Stars

By: Judith Thompson
Wenonah, New Jersey

I Can Only Imagine

By: Leah A. Zieber
Temecula, California

Blue Star

By: Sherry Burkhalter
Newville, Alabama


By: Janet Locey
Hollister, California
Machine quilted by Holly Casey

Evening Star

By: Elizabeth M. Pappius
Brookline, Massachusetts

Stars Upon Stars
All Around

By: Kay Triplett
Golden, Colorado

Humble Star

By: Marjorie J. Farquharson
Needham, Massachusetts

Petite Batik Le Moyne

By: Donna Starley
Fillmore, Utah

Stars & Shamrocks 2

By: Xenia Cord
Kokomo, Indiana

Oh, my, Jane!

By: Anita Loscalzo
Dover, Massachusetts

Grandma Bowen’s Star

By: Jonda DeLozier
West Bend, Wisconsin

Mrs. Baldwin’s Star

By: Joan Leahy Blanchard
West Townsend, Massachusetts

Miranda’s Garden

By: Dale Drake
Martinsville, Indiana

Star Medallion:
200 Years Later

By: Rägi Marino
Cedar Hill, Texas

Variable Star Revisited

By: June McCauley Ross
Georgetown, South Carolina

Ohio Star

By: Carolyn Maruggi
Hilton, New York

22 – Starley S Quilt

By: Sandra Starley
Fillmore, Utah

Stars Over Maine

By: Sharon Pinka
Bellville, Ohio

New England Stars

By: Claire McKarns
Encinitas, California

Stars for Rebecca

By: Beverly Birkmire
Chestertown, Maryland

Eagle Medallion

By: Carol Godreau
Maureen Gregoire
Vernon, Connecticut

Radiating Stars with Oak Leaf

By: Sue Reich
Washington Depot, Connecticut

Homespun Star

By: Greta VanDenBerg-Nestle
Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Indigo Star of Dinsmore

By: Diane D. Livezey
Edgewood, Kentucky

Cape Fear Star

By: Sally A. Ambrose
Leavenworth, Washington

Mennonite Lone Star

By: Bobbi Finley
San Jose, California

Louise’s Stars

By: Nancy Ostman
Groton, New York

Eight-Pointed Star –Borden Family Quilt

By: Florence McConnell
Walnut Creek, California

Mathematical Star

By: Julia D. Zgliniec
Poway, California

Starlight Pathways

By: Bonita J. Morley
Saratoga, California

Star of England

By: Cindy Vermillion Hamilton
Pagosa Springs, Colorado