Quilt Study 2014

The biennial Quilt Studies have become a popular part of the American Quilt Study Group’s activities. Participation is a voluntary undertaking by AQSG members. Responding to a selected theme, a quilt is created which is copied from, or inspired by, an existing antique quilt. Each participant is asked to provide an image of their inspiration and write a statement about what was learned through the process of creating their own quilt.

The 2014 Quilt Study theme was Civil War Quilts. For the purpose of this quilt study, each inspiration quilt was required to be identifiable as a Civil War Quilt, defined as a quilt made between the years 1850-1865. It was up to each participant to determine their own construction methods for their projects based upon information available about the original quilt. The Study Quilts were limited to a 200” perimeter.

Honoring Civil War Veterans

By: Carol W. Gebel
Rocklin, California

Louisa’s Hope

By: Sherry Burkhalter
Newville, Alabama

The Chase Is On

By: Vicki Hodge
Westville, Indiana

Jill’s Friendship Album Star

By: Jill Meszaros
Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

Walter C. Veazie

By: Anne Sonner
Walnut, California

Petticoat Quilt

By: Ann R. Walls
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Prairie Star and Maple Leaves

By: Carol Butzke
Mequon, Wisconsin

Peonies Remembered

By: Kathryn Johnson
Charleston, West Virginia

Wild Thing

By: Virginia L. Mummert
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

My Baby

By: Pamela Roberts Lindsay
Santa Paula, California

Rose of Sharon

By: Pamela G. Koppleberger
Ithaca, Michigan

Mrs. Pullen’s Sunday School Stars

By: Marti Phelps
Prince Frederick, Maryland

Small Ocean Waves

By: Phyllis Stewart
Castle Rock, Colorado

Whig Rose Wedding Quilt

By: Katha Kievit
Maineville, Ohio

Lewis’ Big Yellow Star

By: Susan Craig Spurgeon
Orchard Park, New York

Red/Green/Orange/Purple LeMoyne Star

By: Colleen R. Hall-Patton
Henderson, Nevada

Rose of Sharon

By: Carol C. Wheelock
Waitsfield, Vermont

Kelius Oak Leaf

By: Xenia Cord
Kokomo, Indiana

Civil War Sampler

By: Catherine Noll Litwinow
Bettendorf, Iowa

Sue S. Jones Floral Appliqué

By: Suzanne Brodnax
Roswell, Georgia

Broken Baby Dishes II

By: Sylvia Jennings Galbraith
Temecula, California

Ohio Princess Feather

By: Sharon Pinka
Bellville, Ohio

Remembering the 1st Minnesota

By: Jonda DeLozier
West Bend, Wisconsin

A Soldier Comes Home

By: Charlette Jokinen
Kewaskum, Wisconsin

The Mt. Ida Quilt Project: One Community, Two Quilts, Three Centuries

By: The Mt. Ida Society Lucy Barnett, Millie Chastain, Carolyn Hill, Del Peters, Anne Stapleton, Beth Weeks, Lou Boggs, Cindi Greene, Nancy Howle, Anne Picard, Deborah Waller, Sarah Wright

Honoring AQSG Presidents, 1980-2014

By: Karen Dever
Moorestown, New Jersey
Didi Salvatierra
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Civil War Soldiers Study Quilt

By: Nancy Bavor
Los Atos Hills, California

Lincoln Steals Home

By: Jane Crutchfield
Belchertown, Massachusetts


By: Kay Ross
Long Beach, California

Getting to Know You

By: Nancy L. Losee
Williamsburg, Virginia

Wild War Geese

By: Leah A. Zieber
Temecula, California

Dancing Path

By: Nancy Ostman
Groton, New York

Celia Corwin’s ‘Economy’ Variation

By: Anita Loscalzo
Dover, Massachusetts

A Soldier’s Blanket – Revisited

By: Rägi Marino
Cedar Hill, Texas

Shield and Stars Potholder Quilt

By: Pamela Weeks
Auburn, New Hampshire

Lyres and Laurel

By: Terry Tickhill Terrell
Masonville, Colorado

La Petite Pomegranate

By: Deanna M. Velie
Longmont, Colorado

Feathers and Flower Pots

By: Sandy Sutton
Huntington Beach, California

Quilted Joy Too

By: Sandra Starley
Fillmore, Utah

Hearts and Hands

By: Judith Thompson
Wenonah, New Jersey

A Quilt For James

By: Florence McConnell
Walnut Creek, California

Oh, Shenandoah!

By: Carol J. Born
Longmont, Colorado

Surya Dragon Rising

By: Christine Turner
Olympia, Washington

Lucy Belle Clouse

By: Joy Swartz
Prescott, Arizona

Emily At Home

By: Judy Anne Breneman
Green Valley, Arizona


By: Marjorie J. Farquharson
Needham, Massachusetts

A Quilt For Susanna

By: Dale Drake
Martinsville, Indiana

A Quilt for a Civil War Soldier

By: Laura Lane
Marlborough, Massachusetts

The Fairer Flower

By: Patricia D. Rennau
North Fayston, Vermont

Stars and Flag Quilt

By: Dawn Cook Ronningen
Broomfield, Colorado