The endowment produces a steady stream of income to support operations or special programming by investing the principal. This offers AQSG the opportunity to develop our dreams for creating new programs and expanding our visibility and influence. The potential to support educational programs, offer more scholarship opportunities, or to assist with costs of the annual Seminar becomes financially feasible. Expanded and enhanced publications, more community outreach programs, and other efforts that will position AQSG more prominently in the quilt world become possible. Donate to the Endowment Fund.

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their gifts to the AQSG Endowment in 2018

Sally A. Ambrose
Lynda Salter Chenoweth
Claire McKarns: in memory of Betty A. Weidemier

Named Endowment Funds

Gifts of $10,000 or more may be given as named endowments with gains restricted to your specified purpose. A gift agreement form will be sent to those wishing to establish a named endowment.

The Sally Ambrose Endowment Fund

In December 2011 the AQSG Board of Directors established The Sally Ambrose Endowment Fund, named in honor of long-time AQSG member, Sally Ambrose. Sally has served the organization in many ways, most recently as Co-Chair of the Endowment Committee. She has worked diligently with her co-chair, Xenia Cord to establish the Endowment in order to provide a sustainable and reliable level of support to the operating budget of AQSG and funding for new and innovative programs as earnings become available.

The Sally Ambrose Endowment Fund was created by donations from past and current members of the AQSG Board of Directors. Anyone may contribute to the fund. Simply direct your donation for the AQSG Endowment to the Sally Ambrose Endowment Fund.

The Ardis B. James Endowment Fund

Over the years Robert and Ardis James have been extremely generous in their support of AQSG.

They further demonstrated their sustaining interest in 2008 with a significant donation, through their Foundation, to establish AQSG’s first Named Endowment Fund. The Ardis B. James Endowment Fund established the charter for AQSG’s future growth and security. With their gift, the Jameses offer opportunity to turn dreams into action.

The Ardis B. James Endowment Fund was created by a generous donation from the Robert and Ardis James Foundation. Anyone may contribute to the fund. Simply direct your donation for the AQSG Endowment to the Ardis B. James Endowment Fund.

Endowment Fundraisers

View the four quilts made with the Reproduction fabric sold in the Live auction at Seminar 2011.

See the 30's for 30 Quilt Block Challenge Blocks held in 2010.

See the winners of the auction for the Itty Bitty Quilts from 2009.