Seminar Scholarship

The AQSG Seminar Scholarship Program Provides funds for the purpose of attending the organization's annual Seminar by individuals who have serious interest in the aims of the organization and thereby would be encouraged to contribute to the history of quiltmaking. Seminar scholarship awards are based on serious interest and the expectation of a future contribution to quilt history. Membership in American Quilt Study Group is required to apply for and receive a Seminar scholarship. A maximum of three Seminar scholarships may be awarded in any one year providing funds are available. Seminar scholarship recipients may not receive an award more than once. Seminar scholarships are not transferable. Recipients of a Seminar scholarship award receive a complimentary Seminar registration for the year in which they applied. Donate to the Seminar Scholarship Fund.

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their gifts to the Seminar Scholarship Fund in 2017

Leah A. Zieber