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Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their “over-and-above” gifts of Unrestricted support to AQSG in 2018 including Dime A Day and Annual Fund Drive donations

Amazon Smile
Annapolis Quilt Guild
Joy Avery
Kim R. L. Baird
Dana & Joe Balsamo
Lynne Z. Bassett
Nancy C. Bavor
Susan G. Bengtson: in memory of Joyce Gross
Virginia M. Berger
Shirley A. Bertolino: in honor of Linda Wilkinson
Beverly H. Birkmire: in memory of Frances Hoffman
Carol J. Born
Jean L. Brew: in memory of Helen Erickson
Carol Butzke
Lynda Salter Chenoweth: in honor of Candace Dials
Jill Chirgotis: in memory of R.D. Cawley
Cheryl L. Christian
Carol L. Chur
Gloria Craft Comstock
Lynn Contri
Xenia Cord: in honor of Dr. Judy Brott Buss
Maureen Craig
Kathleen Metelica Cray
Mary Bywater Cross: in memory of DeLoris Stude (who introduced me to AQSG in 1981)
Susan Curtis
Mindy Daubert
Sue Dillon-Catron
Deborah Divine: in memory of Edith Hopkins Thorton
Janette Dwyer
Barbara J. Eikmeier
Carol Elmore
Charlotte Enfield
Naomi England
Lisa Erlandson
Patricia Essex
Beverley Evans
Joan Flanigan-Clarke
Karan L. Flanscha: in memory of Marcie Knudson
Bernice M. Foster: in memory of Don Beld
Susan T. Franklin: in honor of Evelyn Mietz Tesch
Janice E. Frisch
Marie Gaetano
Carol Williams Gebel
Patricia L. Goddard
Barbara Goetz
Maggi M. Gordon
Shona M. Halberstadt: in honor of my Mom, Jean Hopkins
Julianne Hardy
Dawn Heefner: in memory of Cinda Cawley
Ann Hutchinson
Beth M. Jacobson
Mary Anne Kemper: in honor of Kyra Hicks
Barbara Kilbourn
Alice Kinsler
Laureen LaBar: in honor of Lynne Bassett
Jessica LaMar
Kay L. Lee
Dawn Licker: in memory of Peggy Babazadeh
Anita B. Loscalzo: in memory of Carol Wheelock
Patricia L. Lyons
Susan Macy
Michelle Marciniak: in honor of Harriet Stiller
Beth L. McCasland: in memory of Gretchen Gunter Chambless
Rosemary McGuinness
Claire McKarns
Margaret A. McKenzie: in honor of Hazel Carter
Polly Mello
Jill C. Meszaros
Carolyn Millard
Dr. Marian Ann J. Montgomery
Kathleen L. Moore
Lizabeth S. Mullens: in memory of Hope Pearson Self
Sandra G. Munsey
Janet Myers: in honor of Xenia Cord and Jayne Steffens
Georgia C. Osterman
Pamela Pampe
JoAnn M. Parker: in honor of my dear sister Joy Swartz
Lahala J. Phelps: in memory of Phyllis Myers
Ann Pietropinto
Sharon F. Pinka
Quilt Professionals Network
Bets Ramsey
Wendy C. Reed: in honor of Sharon Patterson
Shelley Reetz
Cecilia M. Reid: in memory of Patricia Reid
Cindy Rennels: in memory of Rosa Strickland
Melissa Richmond
Elsie A. Ridgley
Susan Roach
R.H. & Betty Roberts: in memory of Cuesta Benberry
Marilyn J. Rogers
Alice L. Shaner-Simpson
Arlesa Shephard
Gale L. Slagle: in memory of Donald Beld
Marilyn Barrett Spiegel
Susan Craig Spurgeon
M. Sue Stanley
Phyllis A. Stewart
Dorothy N. Stish: in memory of Helen Kelley
Lorie H. Stubbs
Kathlyn Sullivan: in memory of Katy Christopherson
Joy Swartz
Christine M. Taylor
Gail Van Horsen
Sharon T. Waddell
Merikay Waldvogel
Kristin L. Westfall: in memory of Mary Lynn Smith
Margaret S. Whitmore: in honor of Virginia Satterlee
Linda J. Wilkinson: in honor of Shirley Bertolino
Donna Wisnoski