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Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their “over-and-above” gifts of Unrestricted support to AQSG in 2017 including Dime A Day and Annual Fund Drive donations

Amador Valley Quilters
Amazon Smile
Sally A. Ambrose
Patty  Andrews
Betsy  Barker
Lynne Z. Bassett
Nancy C. Bavor
Shirley A. Bertolino: In memory of Charlotte Ecbeck
Beverly H. Birkmire: In memory of Frances Ellen Hoffman
Sheila  Bishop
Carol J. Born
Elizabeth L. Brown
Judy Brott Buss: In memory of Russell Isaacs
Jannett D. Caldwell
Susan B. Catanzarito
Lynda Salter Chenoweth: In memory of Nelie Salter
Deborah  Cooney
Maureen  Craig
Mary Bywater Cross: In memory of DeLois Stude
Susan  Curtis
Lenna  DeMarco: In memory of Russell Isaacs
Lenna  DeMarco: In honor of the Arizona quilters
Irene P. Dietlin: In honor of Frances Abell Brand
Deborah  Divine: In memory of Rose Kretsinger
Janette  Dwyer
Bonnie S. Dwyer: In memory of Margaret Robinson Wentzell
Barbara J. Eikmeier: In memory of Nancy Hornback
Naomi  England
Patricia  Essex
Jodi K. Evans
Beverley  Evans
Karan L. Flanscha: In memory of Marcie Knudson
Susan T. Franklin: In memory of my parents, Carl and Evelyn Tesch
Andrea  Frazier
Carol Williams Gebel: In memory of Ann Williams
Mary Turner Gilliland: In honor of Linda Baumgarten
Gay Rhodes Gladhart
Flavin  Glover
Patricia L. Goddard
Ellie  Greco
Mary Lou Grimm: In memory of Wendy Reed who got me interested in the American Quilt Study Group.
Rose Marie Hackett: In memory of Odette Teel
Shona M. Halberstadt
Julianne  Hardy
Sue L. Harmon
Carol Y. Harris
Joyce E. Harvill: In memory of Dr. Leo Harvill
Peggy  Hazard
Patricia T. Herr
Kyra E. Hicks: In memory of Iyisa K. Hicks
Anne V. Hodgkins: In memory of Violet May Hodkins
Ellen  Horn: In honor of Sara Farley and in memory of Nancy Hornback. These two women introduced me to AQSG!
Mary Elizabeth Johnson Huff
Linda J. Hunter
Ann  Hutchinson
Rebecca S. James
Jennifer  Kaczor
Shelley M. Kardon
Mary Anne Kemper: In honor of Kyra Hicks
Alice  Kinsler: In honor of Carol Born for her work as an AQSG board member, especially Treasurer. You have done fantastic and beyond ordinary work this year! In gratitude, Alice
Amy O. Korn: In honor of Elizabeth Jill Wilson
Claire M. Kropschot
Lillian I. LeBlanc: In honor of Cuesta Benberry
Kay L. Lee
Margaret M. Logan
Lone Star Quilt Study Group
Anita B. Loscalzo: In memory of Russell Isaacs
Nancy L. Losee: In honor of Bobbi Finley who introduced me to AQSG
Patricia L. Lyons
Susan  Macy: In honor of the Genealogy Task Force - IQSC&M
Michelle  Marciniak: In memory of Harriet Stiller
Carolyn  Maruggi
Beth L. McCasland: in memory of my Grandmohter, Gretchen Chambless
Margaret A. McKenzie: In honor of Hazel Carter
Polly  Mello
Cathy E. Miller: In memory of Mary Hasselman
Kathleen L. Moore
Sandra G. Munsey
Orange Grove Quilters Guild: In memory of Thom Knight
JoAnn M. Parker: In honor of my dear sister Joy Swartz
Joan  Perkins
Mary G. Persyn: In memory of Mary Evers & Diana Knezovitch
Lahala J. Phelps: In memory of Phyllis Myers
Ann  Pietropinto: In memory of Marie Mosso
Sharon F. Pinka: In memory of Russell Isaacs
Judith A. Proksa
Nancy  Raley
Bets  Ramsey
Elsie A. Ridgley: In memory of Esther Elnore Eilers Linard
Susan  Roach
R.H. & Betty  Roberts
Marilyn J. Rogers
Laura T. Rosko
Judith A. Ryder: In memory of Margaret E. Smith
Susan  Salser: In memory of my quilting Grandmother, Mary Gasperik
Kathleen W. Sander: In memory of my Mother, Nelda Usinger Waters
Paula  Snell
Julie  Spangler
Lauren W. Spaulding
M. Sue Stanley
Donna  Starley
Jayne A. Steffens
Judith  Stoll: In memory of Toni Szallar
Catherine  Strange: In memory of Rose Elisabeth Reitman
Lorie H. Stubbs
Kathlyn  Sullivan: In honor of Barbara Brackman
Joy  Swartz
Mary Ann Tavery
Gail  Van Horsen
Diane  Vliem: In memory of Arlene Vliem
Margaret S. Whitmore: In honor of Virginia Satterlee
Nancy D. Williams
Donna  Wisnoski: In memory of Jackie Wisnoski
Holly N. Zemke