Written Statement Information

American Quilt Study Group

2021 Quilt Study

Framed Center/Medallion Quilts: History of a Style

When completing your Written Statement, please include at the top of your document:

  1. Name of the Study Quilt
  2. Your Name
  3. Your Participant Number
  4. U.S. Dollar Value of Study Quilt

Valuation may be determined by appraisal, insurance, or personal estimate. This information will not be published.

Written Statement

The written statement must be provided as a Word compatible document either as an email attachment or on a disk sent through the regular mail.

Written Statements must contain 150 to 300 words (maximum).

Participants should identify an individual primary research question when selecting their quilt for study and as they work on their quilt.  Participants may find it helpful to keep a diary of their progress to aid them in the writing of their Written Statement.  The study question and written statement is a significant part of the selection process.

Below are some suggested questions you may find helpful when summarizing your study project.  You are not limited to exploring these specific questions and are not required to answer all as part of your written statement.

  • How does the historic quilt relate to other quilts of its period or to larger historical developments?  Does the historic quilt reflect social, cultural, economic, or political developments of the period? How does the quilt style or technique relate to quiltmaking practices at the time the historic quilt was made, is it a typical example or what makes it unusual?
  • Why you selected your inspiration quilt? Was there something about this quilt or the style that caught your interest or puzzled you? Did you investigate your historic quilt? If so, what did you learn?
  • What approach you took in constructing your quilt?  Did you opt to replicate the original or did you find inspiration from the original to create your own?   What was your design process?
  • What you learned while designing and making your study quilt?  What similarities or differences are there between your study quilt and the historic quilt?  Did you feel a connection with the maker of the original quilt?  How did your creative experience differ from what you anticipated, or did it?  Why?

Please mail all forms, images, and written statement to the Quilt Study Committee either as an attachment in an email to aqsgquiltstudy@gmail.com or by USPS mail to:

Lee Ellsworth
5678 Meehl Rd.
North East, PA 16428

If you have questions, you may contact Lee Ellsworth at the above addresses or by phone 814-823-9354 or Jill Meszaros at 814-398-8719 or by emailing aqsgquiltstudy@gmail.com.