The American Quilt Study Group establishes and promotes the highest standards for interdisciplinary quilt-related studies, providing opportunities for study, research, and the publication of works that advance the knowledge of quilts and related subjects.


AQSG stands as one of the oldest and largest member organizations dedicated to quilt related studies in the world.

American Quilt Study Group is unique in our offerings. In addition to nurturing and sharing research, one of the biggest dividends of membership is the opportunity to meet other members, in person or online.

There are multiple ways to support the American Quilt Study Group. You can research, encourage, listen, share, give, support! Each member of AQSG offers a different gift and these gifts and talents complete the circle. These are the people that make AQSG what we are.

Dates to Note

January 1

Membership Renewal and
Directory Information Deadline

February 1

Editorial Deadline for Spring Blanket Statements
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AQSG Endowment Grant
Lucy Hilty Research Grant
H. Mark Dunn Research Grant
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Seminar Panel Paper Session Abstract

May 1

Editorial Deadline for Summer Blanket Statements
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Seminar Poster Session Abstracts

June 1

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August 1

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November 1

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Seminar 2018

October 3-7: Bethesda, Maryland

Seminar 2019

October 9-13: Lincoln, Nebraska

Seminar 2020

September 9-14: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Seminar 2018

The Maryland Seminar Committee welcomes you to Seminar 2018 and the greater Maryland/Washington/Virginia region! Our region offers a variety of interesting experiences, from learning about American history and government to seeing many of the most iconic sights in the U.S.

For quilters and quilt historians, we are best known for Baltimore album quilts, but our textile history is that and much more! Seminar 2018 will be sure to provide information and eye candy for those hungry to immerse themselves in the Baltimore album experience, with tours to see (and photograph!) album quilts and study centers that dive deeply into appreciating their beauty and complex quilt style.

We have a trio of quilt luminaries who will be speaking about our region’s rich textile history and culture beginning with keynote speaker Alden O’Brien from the DAR museum who will connect the personal with the public in the art of quilting. Mimi Dietrich, Quilters Hall of Fame inductee, will entertain over lunch on Saturday with a humorous look at her years of teaching, designing, publishing and helping to launch the revival of interest in Baltimore album quilts. Capping off this triumvirate of quilt dignitaries will be Amelia Peck from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Amelia will use the Gee’s Bend quilts to discuss quilts versus abstract art on Sunday.


Membership Levels

Student (Send copy of current student I.D.) - $40

Senior (65 and over) - $65

Friend - $75

Associate - $120

Regional Study Group/Guild/Organization - $120

Benefactor - $250-$999

Sponsor - $1,000-$1,999

Patron - $2,000-$4,999

Pacesetter - $5,000-$9,999

Master's Circle - $10,000 and above

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Joining AQSG will provide you with access to a network of knowledgeable people who are passionate about quilts, their past, present and future.

Ways to Join AQSG

There are two ways to join  AQSG and become a part of the effort to preserve quilt heritage. You can fill out a membership online, or print & mail the form.

Quilt Study

The AQSG Biennial Quilt Study challenges members to learn the story and technique of an individual quilt by selecting one that addresses a specified design, style, or period, and then make a small replica or interpretation of it.

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A donation to the American Quilt Study Group provides a rewarding giving opportunity. With a variety of options from which to choose, we are confident that AQSG has programming and projects that will provide a good fit for you or your organization.

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About AQSG

American Quilt Study Group is a recognized 501c3 non-profit quilt research organization with members in the U. S. and abroad.
We welcome all persons interested in the history of quiltmaking.  Our members include traditional and contemporary quilt designers and makers, quilt lovers, historians, researchers, collectors, dealers, folklorists, authors, educators, museum curators, quilt appraisers, restoration and conservation professionals, students of women's studies.

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