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Research is our mission

 AQSG's flagship research journal, Uncoverings, is viewed as the foremost authority in quilt research. This interdisciplinary publication,  represents AQSG's mission to build an accurate, well-respected body of quilt-related research.  Blanket Statements is the AQSG quarterly publication. Each issue contains at least one research article, organization information, research notes and queries, quilt world news, and places to go. We invite you to become a part of this unique and highly respected research tradition.


Uncoverings, the annual peer-reviewed journal of AQSG, features papers that present the most recent advances in quilt-related research. 

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blanket statements

Blanket Statements is an AQSG quarterly publication. Each issue has at least one research article, AQSG news, research notes and queries, quilt world news, and exhibit information. All members receive Blanket Statements.

We encourage you to submit original articles.

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Blanket Statement Objectives
Blanket Statement Objectives
  • Further the AQSG mission.
  • Provide a resource to researchers by publishing substantive, original, scholarly articles relating to quilt research.
  • Support AQSG members by publicizing their activities and interests, and serving as a forum for sharing information and resources among them.
  • Keep AQSG members breast of news in the quilt world.
  • Actively engage a broad membership base in furthering AQSG's goals, programs and accomplishments and acknowledge members' contributions and support.
  • Be a promotional and outreach tool for AQSG in creating tangible AQSG presence, leadership role, and identity in the quilt world and women's studies field.
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Blanket Statements Policies
Blanket Statements Policies
  • Priority is given to material written by AQSG members.
  • Cover story is quilt research.
  • Quilt world news includes coverage of historically significant shows, organizations, conferences, quilt makers, researchers, and publications.
  • News of Members: two to three sentences covering shows, book releases, research updates; no advertising of members' commercial enterprises; significant achievements may warrant a separate article or interview.
  • Feature articles may include "Research Notes" (i.e., advice or reports on methodology, research challenges, or resources); regional events of national import; individual profiles of key quilt study people; examination of trends; focus pieces on related movements or events (art quilts; costume; women's history, etc.); AQSG organizational coverage ("Focus on AQSG")
  • Contributions and donations are listed under Unrestricted, Memorial, and Restricted (Scholarship, Publications, etc.) headings.
    No book reviews at this time, however, some articles on members' publications are possible (e.g., Roland Freeman in Spring, 1997 Issue).
  • Controversial Issues: AQSG will not serve as an advocate for a particular position on controversial quilt-related issues, but will present both sides of a debate.
  • No paid advertising.
  • AQSG does not have the resources to pay for permissions to reprint photos, but requests for complimentary permissions have almost always been granted.
  • Copyright: at this time Blanket Statements does not have an ISSN number and is not copyrighted, but we print the following reprint policy: "Authored articles may be excerpted only. Proper citation must be given to the author and American Quilt Study Group. Articles may not be reprinted in their entirety. General news items may be reprinted in their entirety without written permission from or citation of American Quilt Study Group.

  Blanket Statements Submission Guidelines

Seminar Panel

Panel presentations at the Annual Seminar showcase quilt-related research by individuals or groups. Up to six 30-minute sessions (20 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for Q & A) are allotted, time and space permitting. For many academic disciplines, panel paper sessions are an important conference component, and are of the the "norm" for disseminating research findings.


A poster presentation is a focused display of a research question, literature review, research methods, and results. The AQSG Seminar poster session hosts multiple presentations simultaneously and encourages conversation between presenter and audience in a relaxed, salon format. For many academic disciplines, poster sessions are an important conference component as many people can share their research in one time slot with interested attendees.


The goal of the AQSG Mentoring Committee is to provide support and encouragement to members who have a relevant research topic and are interested in presenting the results of their research as a poster session, an article in Blanket Statements, or live at a Seminar with an article in Uncoverings. Support is available in a number of ways and at various stages during the research and/or writing process.


Upcoming Deadlines

February 1, 2022  Editorial Deadline for Spring Blanket Statements  Submit
May 1, 2022 Editorial Deadline for Summer Blanket Statements Submit
May 1, 2022 Deadline for Seminar Fellowship Application For Members Only

 June 1, 2022

 Submission Deadline for Uncoverings Submit
 August 1, 2022
Editorial Deadline for Fall Blanket Statements  Submit
 December 1, 2022
Editorial Deadline for Winter Blanket Statement Submit

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