La Petite Pomegranate

La Petite Pomegranate

My heart skips a beat when I see a red and green quilt. Pieced or appliquéd, it doesn’t matter. I want to make them all. But then isn’t that how all quiltmakers feel when they see a quilt they love?

When I saw this red and green pomegranate quilt hanging in a flea market I instantly fell in love! No matter that the red fabrics were shattering and faded and that there were stains and tears, I had to have it. I knew it would make the perfect skirt underneath our Christmas tree.

I was encouraged by my fellow quilt historians to reproduce the quilt for the 2014 Civil War Quilt Study. I have never entered a quilt study or quilt contest before, but I was up for the challenge!

I reduced the pattern by exactly one half. After careful measurement, I realized I could reproduce the quilt in its entirety. The original quilt had been trimmed around all four sides. You will notice from the picture there are random pomegranates along the sides. It also looks as though there was a red border attached at one point. I do not know if other pomegranates were appliquéd on this border or how large the border would have been. I chose to eliminate these pomegranates and make a more symmetrically designed quilt.

It became apparent when studying the construction of this quilt that perhaps more than one person was involved in the construction of the pomegranates, or the maker was unsure of the best way to complete the pomegranates. I too found there was no right or wrong way to stitch them together.

This pomegranate quilt was quite a challenge to construct. I had originally planned to reproduce the quilt in its original full size. But after making “La Petite Pomegranate,” I am quite satisfied with the smaller version.