Touching Stars

Touching Stars

The bold colors of red, blue, green and stunning yellow used to create visually appealing stars was the immediate draw of this nine touching stars quilt. The condition is fresh and vibrant indicating very little use. Perhaps this quilt was used for special occasions.
The construction of the study quilt was done using the methods of the original maker, hand pieced and hand quilted.
The pieced stars in this study quilt are much smaller and just four stars are replicated. The narrow binding was made by bringing the back around to the front.

The detailed quilting has been replicated using the motifs from the original quilt. The stars have simple quilting lines following the radiation of the points. Alternate block quilting is very detailed. There are feathered wreaths with double rod quilting. There are stars in some wreaths. Random single feathers or stars fill corners of wreath blocks. The hand quilting is very fine. White thread was used for the piecing and the quilting.

The batting of the original quilt is very thin. The study quilt has very thin, almost nonexistent batting.

To study this quilt was the challenge of finding similar strong colors. The color combination was exciting. One wonders if the quilter was of Germanic descent. This typical Pennsylvania Dutch pallet and a surname, Zold are clues.

A modern quilter would be challenged to hand piece a large quilt of nine stars with 128 pieces per star. One can admire the work of a mid-19th century quilter who had basic hand sewing tools and no high intensity electric lamp.