Quilt Study 2016

The biennial Quilt Studies have become a popular part of the American Quilt Study Group’s activities. Participation is a voluntary undertaking by AQSG members. Responding to a selected theme, a quilt is created which is copied from, or inspired by, an existing antique quilt. Each participant is asked to provide an image of their inspiration and write a statement about what was learned through the process of creating their own quilt.

The 2016 Quilt Study theme was Basket Quilts. For the purpose of this quilt study, each inspiration quilt was required to be identifiable as a Basket Quilt. It was up to each participant to determine their own construction methods for their projects based upon information available about the original quilt. The Study Quilts were limited to a 200” perimeter.

Baltimore Album Basket

By: Mary Reecy Fitzgerald
Dell Rapids, South Dakota

A Tribute to
Mary Jane Moran

By: Marti Phelps
Prince Frederick, Maryland

Whimsical Flowers and Baskets

By: Sandy Sutton
Huntington Beach, California

The Scarlet Basket

By: Claire McKarns
Encinitas, California

Sarah’s Spirit

By: Nancy Ostman
Groton, New York

Pieces of the Heart

By: Patt Seitas
San Diego, California

Make Mine Cheddar

By: Sandra Starley
Moab, Utah

Jill’s Jubilee

By: Jill Meszaros
Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

New England Album

By: Kay Ross
Long Beach, California

Baskets and Babies

By: Anne Veazie Sonner
Walnut, California

Baskets of Flowers

By: Kathryn Johnson
Charleston, West Virginia

Basket Mélange

By: Dana Followwell
Waxahachie, Texas

Fruit Basket Frame

By: Terry Tickhill Terrell
Masonville, Colorado

Doll’s Basket Quilt

By: Carol C. Wheelock
Waitsfield, Vermont

Fruit Basket Too!

By: Lori Triplett
Overland Park, Kansas

Blue Baskets

By: Barbara Goetz
San Jose, California

Cactus Garden

By: Beth Jacobson
Lincoln, California

Baskets For My Blues

By: Pamela Roberts Lindsay
Santa Paula, California

Four Friends Baskets

By: Madge Ziegler
Newark, Delaware

A Single Red Posy

By: Gale Slagle
Irvine, California

Baskets in the Garden

By: Florence McConnell
Manteca, California

Ida’s Baskets

By: Kathy Anderson
White Salmon, Washington

Cherry Basket

By: Valerie Davis
Ixonia, Wisconsin

Barbara’s Basket Quilt

By: Dale Drake
Martinsville, Indiana

49 Small Baskets

By: Meta Van Nostran
Athens, Ohio

Crazy Baskets

By: Kay Triplett
Anchorage, Alaska

Tufted White Work Basket

By: Dawn Cook-Ronningen
Broomfield, Colorado

Ethel’s Treasure Baskets

By: Cynthia Nanto
Littleton, Massachusetts

Edisto Island Basket Medallion

By: Sharon Pinka
Bellville, Ohio

Medallion with Basket Border

By: Leah A. Zieber
Temecula, California

Is Your Basket Half Empty or Half Full?

By: Annette Burgess
Union City, Pennsylvania

The Baskets Album Quilt

By: Katha Kievit
Maineville, Ohio

Cheddar & Indigo Basket Quilt

By: Phyllis Stewart
Castle Rock, Colorado

Centennial Indigo Baskets

By: Judith Thompson
Wenonah, New Jersey

Red Baskets from Wales

By: Rägi Marino
Cedar Hill, Texas

Baskets Full of Pineapples

By: Donna Starley
Logan, Utah

Maine Miniature Basket Quilt

By: Laura P. Lane
Marlborough, Massachusetts

Baltimore Basket Medallion

By: Joan Duncan
Golden, Colorado
Lorie Stubbs
Lakewood, Colorado

Coolidge Homestead Basket Quilt

By: Patricia D. Rennau
North Fayston, Vermont

Pennsylvania German Style Basket Quilt

By: Joy Swartz
Prescott, Arizona

Pride of Iowa

By: Catherine Noll Litwinow
Bettendorf, Iowa

19th Century Baskets In Pink

By: Connie J. Nordstrom
Farmington, New Mexico

Taryn’s Tiny Red Baskets

By: Karen Dever
Moorestown, New Jersey
Didi Salvatierra
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Cut Glass Basket Quilt

By: Sherry Burkhalter
Newville, Alabama

21st Century Crimped Handle Basket Quilt

By: Karen L. Gillard
Rising Sun, Indiana

Centennial Baskets

By: Carol J. Born
Longmont, Colorado